Chopin Boutique B&B

Opinions, reviews and recommendations

Regular visitors

We made many friendships over the years. We see people staying with us, time and again, every time they visit Warsaw. We cater to their specific needs, often assist them to achieve whatever unique reason brings them here. They keep on coming, either having a favourite room, or wanting to be surprised by unique décor of individual rooms.

Word-of-mouth recommendations
We do not run big add campaigns. Majority of people who visit us, do it because someone else liked what they saw, and wanted their friends to experience the same.

Guidebooks recognition
Our little hotel is not merely mentioned in travel guidebooks. Some writers who visited us, fell in love with the place and write about us extensively. Just like our good friend – renown American writer – Rick Steves. Some major periodicals featured our hotel describing travel and cultural experience of visiting Warsaw.

Getting to know other guests
We respect your privacy, but if you are the type that likes to make acquaintances along your way Chopin B&B is a place for you. During our breakfast if you chose to sit at our communal table, or in our courtyard garden, we encourage visitors to get to know each other. It is also our guests that make this place special. We like to hear your stories!