Chopin Boutique B&B

Honey from our rooftop hives

Bees are essential to our survival on Earth.  But our rooftop hives, not only contribute to better urban gardens and crops, but also provide us with honey – which goes directly to your breakfast table!

Contrary to popular misconception which favour rural honey.  The one collected in  the city is just as healthy. Bees in the city can enjoy rich vegetation of the local parks. There are many green areas in Warsaw, so that there is no risk that they will ever run out of food. While rural honey often comes from monocultural crops (e.g. rape), our honey is produced from pollen of very diverse plants resulting in a unique taste. It tastes differently throughout the year’s seasons depending on what trees and plants are in blossom.

Honey from our rooftop beehives is used for the needs of the hotel – guests can try it on a breakfast table and it is also presented as a gift.  Since the hives are located high on the roof, bees do not pose any threat and you won’t most likely notice them anywhere.