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Home roasted coffee

We roast our own coffee, because we believe that only fresh coffee (day or two after roasting) has the fullest aroma.  

The roasting process releases the characteristic aroma of roasted essential oil and 600 other aromatic substances, which together create a unique and delicious taste of coffee.  Roasted coffee reaches the best quality next day after roasting, but then begins to deteriorate.  Oxygen ruthlessly destroys delicate coffee oil and this process cannot be fully stop.

The freshness, despite the assurances of coffee companies, can not be closed in a hermetic package. 


Everyone agrees fresh-roasted coffee is better, so I would make the following recommendations:

  1. Buy coffee that has a clear roast date on the packaging
  2. Try to buy within two weeks of roasting
  3. Buy only enough coffee for a couple of weeks at a time
  4. Buy whole beans and grind them yourself at home