Chopin Boutique B&B

Authentic furniture

Furniture from the era – made by craftsmen at the time when our house was built. They are real, wooden, they saw a lot, and most importantly, long hours were stroked by the hand of masters. You can still see it! However, restoring the former splendor of a time-damaged and badly exploited thing is expensive and requires courage.

Not much furniture has survived in destroyed Warsaw, so we bring it from other cities in Poland, Czech Republic and Italy. We have rooms furnished with Italian, French and Austrian Art Nouveau, German and Polish Art Deco and Czech Modernism in the rooms. We have the largest in Poland furniture collection of Jindrich Halabala, a famous designer from Brno.

Wooden floors – we do not like dust mites, we do not cover floors where it is not necessary, and if they are already carpets, they must endure frequent washing.