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Filoksenia means hospitality, which marks in our openness to others, a shared table, our own roasted coffee and a kitchen based on high-quality niche products.



7:00 - 22:00

Organic breakfast


7:00 - 10:00

Welcome to Filoksenia

Filoksenia eludes the common concept of hospitality. It’s a way to celebrate the guest’s presence and meet his expectations. Responding to his suggestions, constant learning, being open to new ideas …

We are already implementing several, and there will certainly be more of them. Already today we can boast of the idea of: a common table, our own coffee roasted in the presence of guests, healthy juices from Milicz and meats from there.

We used to sweeten coffee with honey from our own apiary on the roof of the house. Our specialties belong to the niche. No advertisement talks about them. So we have bad news for brand hunters. They won’t catch anything with us. They will not even show a brown sweet liquid with the most recognizable logo in the world.

Have we chosen the right path? To assess and perhaps appreciate you must visit us as soon as possible. We invite you to Smolna Street,  number 14 to a tenement house from 1910, which does not hide its 110 years.