Chopin Boutique B&B

Organic breakfast

Jindrich Halabala’s long breakfast table is a place to learn not only about new slow food trends, but also globetrotters seeking everyday authenticity, daily meetings and discussions.
Our butter is 83% milk fat and 17% water, not a butter mixture. Our pickled cucumbers are only vegetable, salt and spices. The eggs come from free-range green leg hens from Milicz, they are the most expensive and the most difficult to reach on the market.

The bread is baked according to an old recipe from natural ingredients, we serve naturally pressed juices without sugar and preservatives. We have our own herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers, honey from the roof hives and preserves.

We also make preserves ourselves, they do not have a gram of sugar or gelling agents. We fry them in copper saucepans. Why did the aristocracy live longer? Because they ate better and benefited from medical care? Maybe yes? But above all, though unconsciously, they prolonged their life by killing millions of bacteria with silver. They ate from silverware with silver cutlery. Like silver, copper also brutally deals with bacteria. Now you know why we fry our jam in old saucepans…

Since 2016, we have a coffee roaster, which is why our coffee is always freshly roasted and very aromatic. Coffee beans always come from reliable, certified plantators who use ethical coffee-growing methods.

All this can be found on our breakfast table.