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We have different kinds of bicycles for men and women – short and tall; these are mainly manufactured in Germany and Holland (German-Kettler; Dutch – Batavus and Gazelle). They enable our guests to view the city from a different perspective. Historically, Warsaw developed along the river. Magnates and Royal Residences were formed on the north-south axis. Thus, on the Vistula escarpment today, we have Wilanow with its Baroque palace modeled on Versailles, Krolikarnia in the Classical Style, The Royal Baths, Ujazdowski Castle, and then further north – the Old Town, the Castle and the Citadel. With bikes all this can be seen in a much shorter period of time than on foot or by car, and difficult-to-reach parts of the city are easier to access. Maps of bicycle paths are on loan at the reception office!


We look forward in the autumn to the return of our weekly tour from Suprasl to Kruszyniany, Bialowieza, Siemiatycze, Drohiczyn and Melnik.


Monika Olesko is a private tour guide at our Bed & Breakfast. She organizes personalized tours in and around Warsaw on various topics. Her unique style is very much appreciated by our guests. Evidence of this can be found on TripAdvisor, her website, and in the guestbooks in our rooms. Monika tailors her trips specifically to the interests of customers, so they are very engaging and enjoyable. She is a student of art in Warsaw and interested in all the arts of Warsaw; ancient through modern.


As one key to our survival on Earth, bees not only contribute to better urban gardens and crops, but also provide honey – which goes directly to our breakfast table! Our honey consists mainly of Linden and Acacia, along with multiple other flowers from nearby gardens, parks and orchards. With just two hives, which are located on the roof of our building, we can provide honey for half a season!!!


Our flowers and vegetation break the sterile nature of the concrete yard, and not only soothe the eyes, but provide oxygen and fruit. And yes, we have our own herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Without our bees, they would fail to grow, but you can see for yourself what our garden yields for us today!


What do we do with our food remnants? We have decided to compost them so that in this form they will return to the fertile and rich land on which we plant our crops. Composting is a daily occupation, but is of course undertaken with the concern for the comfort of our guests.


For the common good, our water has become a source of commercial trade. In Warsaw, the water is unique, and comes from an exceptional treatment plant designed and built in the nineteenth century by the famous engineer, William Lindley, and his sons from Scotland. Today, “Lindleyowka,” remains the origin of our district’s tap water, which is much more valuable than water from a plastic bottle. Drinking our tap water is not only safe, but democratic! For that reason, we offer you our chilled water in historic bottles.


We create our own pastries & jams for your pleasure. In the wave of enthusiasm for mass-market, over packaged, over processed, convenience foods carried by mega stores, we have all too easily forgotten about the real treasure of simple, healthful, naturally produced foods. The Chopin B & B butter is 83% butter and 17% water, our jams and preserves are sugar and gelling-agents free. Our pickled cucumbers are only vegetable, salt, and spices. And so it is with everything else – including our green leg hens’ eggs, which are the most expensive and difficult eggs to produce.

For us, healthy food not only produces satisfaction for our guests who appreciate this quality, but also facilitates our mission of supporting the commercial pioneers of organic production in Poland. Our breakfasts are neither grand nor fancy, but consist only of abundant, healthful and natural products, which is what we stand for.


In past centuries people have produced much which can no longer be duplicated. For this reason we choose to give new life to that which already exists.

In practice, however, restoring former splendor to a piece of antique furniture is difficult and expensive. It even requires courage, as restoration efforts can sometimes damage or destroy a piece. We have accepted this challenge, and have furnished rooms and common areas with items from the period of the heyday of our historic building. We have rooms furnished with Italian, French and Austrian Art Nouveau, German and Polish Art Deco and Czech Modernism. Obviously, not all items can be restored, and therefore mattresses and linens are of course contemporary.


In addition to all of the fore-mentioned stunning attributes of our B & B, another wonderful and unique treasure is that you will always find beautiful music here! We have dreamed about this for years, but most especially since 2006 when the American pianist Pamela Howland visited our city seeking inspiration for her interpretation of Chopin. In her 4 day stay, she had no luck in finding Chopin concerts. We were so embarrassed by this fact that we have made every effort since 2009 to insure that we have a grand piano in our salon. Since June 21, 2013 we have daily Chopin concerts at 19:30, followed by an informal reception, where you can meet the artists and fellow guests, and enjoy a glass of wine with cake.


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(EN) Chopin Boutique B&B – OUR OFFER

CHOPIN BOUTIQUE B&B – OUR OFFER BICYCLES We have different kinds of bicycles for men and women – short and tall; these are mainly manufactured in Germany and […]



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